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The students of our Faculty of Business Administration are not only distinguished by their outstanding achievements, but also by their above-average commitment in addition to their studies.

The MFCC is one of these student initiatives at our faculty and it is particulary close to me because of its academic focus. Each time I am happy about the exchange with the MFCC members and their great professional interest in topics in the areas of controlling, accounting and finance.

We encourage all interested students to become actively involved in the MFCC. The practical insights that the association offers are a very useful complement to the courses offered by the faculty in these subjects".

- Prof. Dr. Jannis Bischof. Universität Mannheim

Welcome to the University of Mannheim

Take the chance and become part of our student initiative 

  • Great opportunity to meet local and other international students

  • No simple membership number, as in other initiatives - we allow direct participation in projects

  • Possibility to improve soft skills as well as technical skills (Powerpoint, Excel, Photoshop, web design)

  • No membership fees / preferential treatment for workshops, events etc.


Christin Höptner


The MFCC is made up in particular of its highly motivated members, who have already held numerous lectures and workshops at the University of Mannheim with ever new ideas and cooperations.

Laureen Schmidt

 Vice Chairman

The aim of our association is to combine theory and practice by bringing together students and companies.



The members of the Mannheim Finance & Controlling Club are the foundation of the association.


Each member is called upon to contribute new ideas and conceptions at any time and thus further develop the association. This broad and solid foundation is the basis for our five pillars that support the MFCC: 

Josef Schymanski


Our association is also characterised by the fact that we are very open to new ideas and that new members can take on important tasks and responsibilities from day one.


Penka Marhova


Whoever participates in the MFCC can learn a lot. While working in the association, everyone can develop their personal skills and at the same time get in contact with well-known company representatives.

Listen to what previous students have to say about us!

Alessandro Candido

Università Bocconi


During my semester abroad I liked to get to know the new university, its students, the area and the business culture.

I was welcomed by the MFCC and had the opportunity to work in a multicultural team while making new friends in Mannheim as well as with other internationals.

You set goals, you work together and you have fun in your free time (and yes, there is a lot).

Passion, ambition, fun and friendship are the key characteristics of MFCC, it was the hallmark of my time in Mannheim.

MFCC is very international in nature, but above all, is a desirable place to grow.


We'd love to hear from you

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